Another weekend another hike. Bundeena to Jibbon head.

The cool weather in Sydney will soon be gone, and hiking in the scorching sun is not really my cup of tea. That said, we are trying our best to cover as many short hikes as we can. Even though we felt a bit run down this weekend, we picked ourselves up and headed south of Sydney, and boy are we glad we did!

The royal national park is roughly 55 kms from Sydney. It has a variation of walks both in distance and difficulty. Some give you some beautiful coastal views and you can also opt for walks with lots of bushland. On the coastal walks, you will find beaches along the way where you can cool off in the summer or winter if you are brave enough.

Jibbon beach. Where our walk almost ended before it even started. Luckily, we convinced these two to keep moving.

For our family, we choose a toddler friendly walk, Bundeena to Jibbon head. The walk starts from Bundeena wharf and takes you through Jibbon beach. Past Jibbon beach, you join the Jibbon track on to shelley beach. Important to note, past Jibbon beach, the track is on the edge of a cliff and some parts are a bit exposed. If hiking with children, please be mindful. What worked well for us was we had one adult walk ahead of the eager and energetic toddlers and they followed behind.

The walking track, and two happy boys.

We were treated to some amazing coastal views, some bushland as well as aboriginal engravings. For this walk, we were joined by a friend and her son and so the boys had a really good time making up games along the way. It was also interesting to listen in on their conversations as they explored things they found on the hike.

Spectacular coastal views. Exposed cliffs, keep a close eye on the kids.


Aboriginal engravings.
Exploring toddler.

When we did our first hike this winter, I had an idea that I wanted it to be a family tradition, but I was skeptical. Would we make it past the first hike?. We had a new baby, we were sleep deprived and were dealing with a toddler who was having a hard time adjusting to  the changes happening in his family. Now, seven hikes in, we all look forward to getting out and exploring. This hikes have become an outlet, a fun way of bonding and its also how we stay active. Its my hope that whether you live in Sydney or elsewhere, our blog inspires you to get out in your area and discover new places on foot. You will be glad you did.